• Corporate rebranding exercise with the change of company name to Straits Inter Logistics Berhad
• Acquired two vessels namely Sturgeon and Straits1
• Total capacity for 2 vessels is 1m litres


• Completed acquisition of 55% in TMD Acquisition came with 7 vessels
• Total capacity of enlarged 9 vessels increased to 12m litres


• Completed acquisition of 38% in Banle Energy International Ltd
• Acquired M.T. SMF Begonia for RM19.6m with a DWT of 5,227 MT
• Incorporated Straits Marine Services Pte Ltd to perform vessel management services
• Acquired M.T. SMF Ixora for RM20.45m with a DWT of 5,643 MT
• Business expansion into Inland Transportation and Logistics Business


• Acquired Beluga for USD2.45m with a DWT of 4,711 MT 
• Acquired Eden for USD4.5m with a DWT of 7,550 MT
• Commenced the Port Management Services at Labuan Liberty Terminal in Apr’20 under Megah Port Management Sdn Bhd


• Acquired Guo Kang No.1 for USD1.6m with a DWT of 2,169 MT 
• Acquired additional 15% interest in TMD 
• Obtained the LOA to provide Ship to Ship (“STS”) service in Victoria Maritime Hub, Labuan on 30 th July 
• Change company name to Straits Energy Resources Berhad 
• Acquired Empower for USD3.5m with a DWT of 7,820 MT 
• Acquired two tugboats (TG. Victoria 1 and TG. Victoria 22)


• Acquired Guo Ming for USD2.3m with a DWT of 3,000 MT 
• Completed acquisition of 90% in SML 
• Completed acquisition of 51% in Wire & Wireless Sdn Bhd


• Completed acquisition of 70% in Macro Lynx Sdn Bhd 
• Diversified into Telco & Network Services 
• In the midst of acquiring the third third tugboat (TG. Victoria 3)
• Listing of the CBL International Limited , the associate company on the NASDAQ Stock Market. 
• Completed acquisition of 60% in Straits Union Networks Sdn Bhd